We are a scent marketing agency in Lithuania established in 2008. We are providing aroma marketing services for leading companies in Lithuania. Our company is operating with small production facility.

Our main practices are:

  • Ambient Scenting

    Ambient Scenting

    Regularv ambient scenting as an integral part of business and marketing.

  • Scented Campaign

    Scented Campaign

    The use of the scent in company's communications campaigns, exhibitions, trade centers.

  • Scented Event

    Scented Event

    Scenting of unlimited scale events to maximize the experience of the participants.

We are also the producers of:

  • Reed Diffusers

    Reed Diffusers

    Scenting solution for small spaces.

  • Perfume


    Perfume to keep a good mood on the go.

  • Aromatic Oils

    Aromatic Oils

    Solution for scenting various things or remedies.

We are open to any sort of cooperation in field of scent marketing, scenting technology, scented products and perfume.